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Customized machining


Guelt Techni-Service activities, based upon mechanical repairs and predictive, preventive or curative maintenance, naturally lead us to produce customized machined mechanical parts.

Our complementary knowledge allow us to propose global solutions involving our skills in machining, metal works, mechanics and surface treatment.


We accompany you throughout your project, from the fulfilment of technical specifications to the delivery of your equipment.

In our machining workshop, we are able to manufacture all sorts of technical or mechanical parts to replace a defective one.

Thanks to our expertise, we may also suggest you some improvements to maximize strength, lifespan, productivity or sanitation of parts or mechanical assembly.


Machining of grinder parts


Our expertise of grinder working systems and maintenance leads us to frequently machine various grinding parts.

We manufacture grinder screws and sheaths in machine welding or cutting to replace wear and tear parts for any brand of grinder.
In case of old equipment, when original parts are hard to find, machining is a lasting and economic solution to preserve equipment without necessarily reinvesting in a new one.


Discover our grinders range


Guelt, manufacturer of processing equipment, offers a range of high capacity grinders for mincing or grinding fresh or frozen products.