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Technical on-site actions

Our team of 15 mobile technicians intervenes in mechanical maintenance on customer sites.
During major construction sites, requiring factory shutdowns in particular, technicians from other services (after-sales service, metal works, machining) complete our workforce to up to 30 or 35 people depending on the sites.

The service provided to the customer is our priority: flexible and reactive, we work all year round from Monday to Saturday and can intervene on Sundays and public holidays upon planned request.

Some examples of interventions:

  • Assistance for installation and start-up of a cooking oven:
    2 days of interventionof  10 people to ensure the pre-assembly, the introduction and the final assembly of a chain of 1200 meters in length in the cooking oven.
  • Replacement of lining on industrial mixer:
    Intervention over 2 days to remove the kneading shaft to reach the engine block and replace the lining.
  • Replacement of stabilization tunnel blades in a household waste treatment plant
  • Replacement of wear and tear parts of green waste shredders