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Food retailing

With more than 40 years of expertise in the packaging market Guelt has developed a range of industrial tray sealing machines Premiums and Smarts, compact and efficient machines particularly suitable for the production needs of supermarket butcher, fish shop or catering counters.


Our protective atmosphere sealing solutions, on rigid or PSE trays, offer a better shelf life and make the product more attractive to the consumer, by conveying the notions of “home-made”, quality and freshness.

The usability of our tray sealing machines has been designed to ensure comfort and safety of use for the operators but also to increase productivity :

  • ultra-light tools with automatic preheating for tray size changeover in only 5 seconds
  • touch screen control panel for very simple and user-friendly operating
  • automatic gas change with beacon control light to secure production
  • optimised workstation with the possibility of integrating the weighing unit as close as possible to the machine


Our sealing machines are made of stainless materials to meet food hygiene standards and allow complete disinfection. Compact for a minimum footprint, they all have wheels for easy cleaning of the laboratory.



In the butcher’s laboratory, our tray sealing machines are used for packaging:
– pieces of meat (beef, lamb, pork…)
– poultry cuts
– sausages
– butcher’s specialities, etc…

Wider and more attractive commercial offer on the shelves.
Optimised production, valorisation of the know-how of the head butcher.
Secure packaging for self-service, with easier shelf placement and cleaning. Ideal packaging solution for drive-through.

On the fish counter, our tray sealing machines are used to package :
– whole fish, brochettes (format 1332)
– pieces of fish (filets, steaks…)
– recipes from the sea prepared by the fishmonge chef (minced fish, brandades, carpaccios, ready meals etc…)
– shellfish, cooked shellfish, etc…

Flat trays can be used for carpaccios or sliced salmon.
Trays sealed with MAP or IZIskin improve shelf management: quick set-up, simplified cleaning, secure packaging for the drive-through.

On the delicatessen counter our tray sealing machines are used for packaging:
– hams, sliced sausage
– ready meals
– delicatessen and pastry products, etc…

Valorisation of know-how with the recipes elaborated by the head delicatessen chef.
Possible development of a range of snacking products for on-the-go customers.
Visually attractive self-service shelves, easy shelf placement and cleaning.
Ideal packaging solution for drive-through


Premium 1000

Semi-automatic tray sealer with drawer, user-friendly and secure, ideal for small laboratories.
4 different tray sizes.


Premium 1200

Semi-automatic tray sealing machine with sliding drawer, rational, ideal for delicatessen and fish counters.
2 tray sizes


Premium 1500

Semi-automatic tray sealer with drawer, user-friendly and productive, up to 14 trays/min.
4 tray sizes.


Premium 2000

Automatic, user-friendly and very fast tray sealing machine, up to 20 trays/min.
4 tray sizes.

With IZIskin, Guelt brings you all its expertise in industrial skin process.

By equipping your Guelt tray sealing machine with an IZIskin tool, you will :

+ Extend the shelf life of products prepared in your laboratories
+ Improve the visual quality of products and preserve their flavour longer
+ Optimize the display of your refrigerated shelves
+ Increase the attractiveness and performance of your self-service sections

The IZIskin tool is compatible with the machines of our Premium range (Premium 1000, Premium 1200, Premium 1500 et Premium 2000) :
– Available sizes: 1523, 1825, 2130
– For PSE and rigid trays