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Food retailing

With more than 40 years of expertise in the industrial packaging market, Guelt has developed the Premium and Smart range of sealing machines, compact and productive machines particularly adapted to the production of butcher’s shops, fish shops or supermarket caterers.


Our protective atmosphere tray sealing solutions, versatile on rigid or EPS trays, offer a better shelf life and make the product more attractive to the consumer, conveying the notions of “home-made product”, quality and freshness.


We have thought the ergonomics of our machines to ensure comfort and safety of use for operators but also to increase productivity:

  • ultra-light tools with automatic preheating for a very fast tray size change
  • touchscreen control console for easy and user-friendly operating
  • Automatic gas change with control light beacon to secure production
  • optimized workstation with the possibility of integrating the weighing unit as close as possible to the machine


Our sealing machines are made of stainless materials to meet food hygiene standards and allow complete disinfection. Compact for a minimum floor space, they all have casters to facilitate the cleaning of the laboratory.

Click on the universes below to discover all the advantages of our Premium – Smart concept.




Butcher counter

On your butcher counter, our tray sealing machines allow you to pack:
– pieces of meat (beef, lamb, pork…)
– poultry cuts
– sausages
– meat specialties, etc…

By increasing shelf life, sealing under a protective atmosphere allows you to reduce the throw-out rate to a minimum and to optimize the organization of your production workshop, whether for cutting or preparing elaborate butcher products.
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Catering counter

On your catering counter, our tray sealing machines allow you to pack:
– hams, sliced sausages
– ready meals
– caterer salads
– cured meat pastry products, etc…

Ideal for developping a range of snacking products for nomadic customers and create attractive and efficient self-service linear products in addition to the traditional delicatessen-catering ilse.


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Fish counter

On your fish counter, our tray sealing machines allow you to pack:
– whole fish, brochettes (format 1332)
– pieces of fish (filets, steaks…)
– seafood produced in your workshop (chopped fish, brandades, tartars, carpaccios etc …)
– crustaceans, cooked shellfish, etc …

For the fish counter, the sealed trays offer a longer shelf life of the products and improve their shelf appearance thanks to the secure sealing of the packaging.
They make it possible to mix complementary products in the same universe (sauces, lemon, fish soup, etc.) as well as the use of flat trays for carpaccios or sliced salmon.

Increase your turnover by creating attractive and efficient self-service linear products in addition to the retail fish counter!


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Premium 1200

Operculeuse semi-automatique à tiroir coulissant, rationnelle, idéale pour les ateliers traiteur et poissonnerie.
2 formats de barquettes.


Premium 1000

Semi-automatic drawer tray sealer, ideal for small labotories.
4 tray sizes.



Smart 2300

Operculeuse tout électrique et automatique, design et silencieuse.
3 formats de barquettes.


Smart 2400

Operculeuse tout électrique et automatique, design et silencieuse.
4 formats de barquettes.

<strong>Avec IZIskin, Guelt vous apporte toute son expertise du skin industriel.</strong>

En équipant votre operculeuse Guelt avec l’outillage IZIskin, vous allez : </strong>

+ Allonger la <strong>DLC des produits </strong>préparés dans vos laboratoires
+ Améliorer la <strong>qualité visuelle</strong> des produits et préserver leur <strong>saveur</strong> plus longtemps
+ Optimiser le <strong>merchandising</strong> de vos linéaires réfrigérés
+ Augmenter l'<strong>attractivité</strong> et la <strong>performance</strong> de vos rayons libre-service

L’outillage IZIskin est compatible avec les machines de notre gamme Premium (<a href=””>Premium 1000</a>, <a href=””>Premium 1200</a>, <a href=””>Premium 1500</a> et <a href=””>Premium 2000</a>) :
– Formats disponibles : 1523, 1825,2130
– Pour barquettes PSE et rigides

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