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Our solutions

Guelt, with its 35 years experience, confirms its position of model company on the agrifood market concerning industrial equipment manufacturing and production line engineering service.
From process to packaging, as well as quality control of your product, we design industrial solutions adapted to your production rates and workshop.



Food processing: Guelt designs technical equipment adapted to the tranformqation of your product.

  • Production line input: tipping, transfer upon reception…
  • Product preparation: workstations, process equipment, flow management…
  • Quality control: equipment for production quality control such as industrial vision, metal detection…


For the primary packing of your product, Guelt offers a wide range of packaging machines adapted to your production flow: compact semi-automatic or high-speed automatic tray sealers, skin tray sealers, thermoformers…



For your end-of-line operations, Guelt designs packing, palettization, control quality solutions…



The complementarity of skills within the company, combining engeeniring, metal- works, mechanics, electrics and automation, allows us to reply to sized and challeging projects of complete production lines.

We are actively involved throughout the entire project, from the design phase to the global engineering, in order to meet all the process, dosing, transfer, packaging, control and tracking functions required.