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Catering service


Our packaging solutions for catering services

For the specific needs of catering services, Guelt has designed a range of packaging machines for hot or cold ready-cooked dishes.

According to the size of your production workshop, we offer either compact semi-automatic tray sealers ideal for single workstations or  our unique concept of in-line thermosealing machine for bigger productions, which can be completed by tray unstacking equipments, filling or dosing units,  weighing units, conveyors…

Semi-automatic tray sealers

Ideal for small workshops, our compact semi-automatic tray sealing machines provides secure packaging for your ready-cooked dishes.

Ergonomic and versatile equipment

  • Very compact equipment with a small footprint
  • Multipurpose use, thanks to 10 compatible tooling technologies
  • Secure, quick and easy format change
  • Reliability and robustness
  • Several vacuum pump integration layouts


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Our in-line catering service concept (OPP2000)

Specially adapted to catering service professionals, our OPP2000 automatic tray sealer allows in-line positioning of trays to increase productivity: this in-line concept provides more flexibility and facilitates installation of complementary production equipment, working all together on a single track (such as tray unstacker, dosing systems, weighing units…).


Main strength

  • Fully electrical equipment, precise setup, smooth functioning
  • Robustness, reliability, ergonomics: symetrical machine control, transparent doors for optimal production control and easy access to functional system, stainless steel machine with modern design
  • Intuitive user interface on 15′ color touchscreen
  • Very fast and secure format change (<2 mn), without use of tools


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