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With more than 35 years packaging expertise, Guelt offers you a wide range of machines and technical solutions adapted to the nature of the product to be packed as well as to your production workshop rates.


Tray sealing solutions

From compact semi-automatic to high-speed automatic tray sealing machines, our large range of equipment is designed to fullfil your production requirements and to provide high quality and secured sealed packaging.


Thermoforming solutions

Our automatic thermoforming machines use two different film spools to create rigid or flexible packages perfectly adapted to your products, with infinite possibilities of shapes and sizes.


Lidding solutions

To lid your trays, cans and other types of packagings we design custom-made equipment adapted to your product and production line.


Unstacking solutions

To unstack trays, cans, cardboard boxes and other types of packagings, we design custom-made solutions adapted to our packaging machines or easily integrables in your existing production line for optimum productivity.