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Tray sealer Premium 2000

Key strength
  • 4 tray formats available: 1523 / 1825 / 2130 / 2734
  • High-speed production: till 1200 trays/hour
  • Ultra-light and ready to use tools, easily accessible in a front storage for a very fast format changeover
  • Intuitive user-machine touchscreen interface
  • Safe use, ergonomic and productive equipment
  • Packaging under protective atmosphere, skin in option with IZISKIN® technology

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The Premium 2000 is an automatic tray sealing machine able to treat until 1200 trays per hour (1523 and 1825 formats)

  • Machine adapted to shrinkable film
  • Automatic and motorized film unwind and excess film wind
  • Integral vacuum pump
  • Threshold control for vacuum and gas pressure
  • Stainless steel casing, treated aluminium tool
  • Standard electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components adapted to food industry
  • Dimension (L x w x h): 2435 x 903 x 1550 mm

Options :
– Various weighing and labelling systems configurations
IZISKIN® technology for skin packaging of non height exceeding products