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Automatic Skin Tray Sealer Operskin6000

Key strength

Precursor and expert in skin technology packaging for more than 30 years, Guelt has designed the skin tray sealer Operskin 6000 for:

  • A perfect skin on irregular or fragile products
  • A friendly-product packaging, for a preservation of product texture and natural aspect
  • A hermetic, safe and esthetic packaging to enhance your product
  • An optimized product storage life and manipulation


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  • Loading trays on the loading conveyor (manual or automatic according to option)
  • Automatic transfer of the trays in the sealing tool
  • Film width adapted to format and automatic film advance with programmable pace
  • Quick tool change
  • Touchscreen operating console on swivel hanger arm
  • Rate: till 12 cycles/minute
  • Standard electric, pneumatic and mechanical components for use in the food industry

Options :
– Cell for identification of printed film
– Sealing frame and lower base for quick tool change
– Remote diagnostic maintenance system
– Input/Output robotization
– Vacuum and gas