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Our network of partners, all experts in their field, enables us to provide you with tailor-made solutions in response to all your process, packaging and end of production line optimisation problems.

Fillpack, dosing solutions for your food products



Design and manufacture of metering machines and dosing systems from the simplest to the most complex for preparation of cooked dishes, biscuits, dairy products, fish and meat industries as well as canning.

Know-how recognized in the dosing of complexe and difficult products: products with heavy loads, thick and sticky products, multiphase products…

Study and realisation of complete production lines integrating dosers, transfer pumps and other peripherals such as pot and tray unloaders, pot tray sealers and conveyors.

Fillpack equipment meets the requirements of the food industry in terms of hygiene, precision and optimization of productivity.



Meca-systeme, carton packaging machinery

Created in 1980, Meca-Systeme, a French company specialized in the mechanization of corrugated cardboard, was one of the first to offer automated packaging solutions to the food industry.



The strength of Meca-Systeme? Very efficient, user-friendly, robust and long-lasting machines such as cardboard case erectors, RSC erectors (Regular Slotted Case) and peripheral equipments (lidding machines, empty case stackers…) for the end-of-line operations.



PicPacSystems, robotic solutions

PicPacSystems, automation and robotic solutions

From design to manufacturing, PicPacSystems is specialized in creating robotic solutions for product handling, packaging and palletizing.

For three decades, our teams have been developing their expertise in modeling and implementing high-speed automated solutions for the industry.



Robotized palletizers
Boxing/deboxing/transfer solutions on bottling lines
Mobile robotics
Engineering of complete end-of-line