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Méca-Système, the mechanization of corrugated boxes

Founded in 1980, the company Méca-Système is specialized in packaging machinery and is one of the leader of the industrial machines to erect cartons and trays automatically.

Méca-Système has the strength to integrate the entire production chain: the design department, the parts manufacturing workshop, the assembly and development workshop and the maintenance department, what guarantees the high level of quality of its equipements.


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PicPac Systems, automated and robotic solutions


A specialist in packaging and handling robotics for more than 20 years, PicPac Systems combines its know-how with Guelt to achieve high-end end-of-line solutions.

Expertise :

Automation and robot design for end-of-line operations

Robotic pick and place solutions for product packing (RCS or boxes)

Boxing/deboxing/transfert solutions on bottling lines

Vision solutions for production quality control


Fillpack, dosing solutions for your food products



Design and manufacture of metering machines and dosing systems from the simplest to the most complex for preparation of cooked dishes, biscuits, dairy products, fish and meat industries as well as canning.

Know-how recognized in the dosing of complexe and difficult products: products with heavy loads, thick and sticky products, multiphase products…

Study and realisation of complete production lines integrating dosers, transfer pumps and other peripherals such as pot and tray unloaders, pot tray sealers and conveyors.

Fillpack equipment meets the requirements of the food industry in terms of hygiene, precision and optimization of productivity.



FoodBizz, distributor of new and secondhand equipment


FoodBizz provides agri-food professionals with technical solutions for their packaging needs, such as thermoforming equipements, or tray sealers.
FoodBizz is the exclusive distributor of Frimaq equipments in France.

Service and expertise :

Supply of thermoforming and vacuum machines, new or secondhand equipments

Maintenance of thermoformers and tray sealers (revision or reconditioning of machines up to standard in our workshops)

Manufacture of new tools on machines of all brands

Supply of spare parts, teflon,…