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Poly-articulated robotic palletizers

Suitable for complex applications, our robot palletizers offer flexibility and versatility to meet your picking and depositing needs.
Their power allows the handling of heavy loads, whether cardboard boxes, crates, drums, bags, layers of cans or jars.
The control is carried out via a very intuitive touch interface which allows the operator to program different configurations to easily manage the format changes.

Our palletizing solutions are made to measure, according to the size and loads to be handled. Ergonomic and secure, they increase productivity while reducing human constraints.


Manual and semi-automatic palletizers

Designed for mediumspeeds, manual palletizers are used to accumulate and form layers of cans or jars in a staggered form, which are then transferred by manual pressing onto the pallet brought up to level by a chain elevator.
The pallet is moved by a pallet truck.

Semi-automatic palletizers are equipped with a magnetic tray for setting and removing cans and forming layers.
The pallet is moved by forklift on a conveyor.


Automatic Palletizers / Depalletizers

At the end of the line, our automatic palletizers ensure the transfer on your pallet of your packaged products. Multi-line configurations allow the transfer of products to one or more palletizers.

We also design solutions for depalletizing empty containers (jars for example) to supply your production line and able you to ensure high rates without damage.