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Quality control

Digital Vision Control Solutions

To meet the quality and compliance issues of your products, Guelt has developed vision control equipment that can be easily parameterized and integrated into an existing production line.

Our high-performance digital inspection solutions allow you to control your bare products, bags, cans, jars, bottles and other packaging at different stages of the production cycle.




Quality control can be achieved by integrating metal detectors on to the line, by autonomous vision cells or integrated in our packing modules.

In case of non-conformity, the ejection of the product or stoppage of the line are triggered automatically.





Some examples of applications:

  • Quality control of products: weight, dimension, colorimetry …
  • Control of product packaging: printing, coding, marking, sealing …
  • Quality control of cans: crimping control, pins, labeling, smudging …
  • Quality control of wine bottling: filling, contamination, corking, dressing …