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Cheese, Dairy products


Product input


  • Handling of products: tilting machines, automated transfer of whole cheeses …
  • Container management and conveying: depalletizing or unstacking of glass or plastic jars, bottles …
  • Flow management: cyclers, pacing …


Process and quality control of cheese and dairy products


  • Optimization of refining processes
  • Retort rack unloading and conveying cheese before packaging
  • Transfer and slicing of whole cheeses
  • Automatic loading of packaging machines
  • Industrial vision control

At the end of the process, we offer packaging  solutions to ensure the preservation and handling of dairy products and whole, sliced or grated cheeses.

Our know-how in thermoforming and tray sealing allows you to vacuum pack your products, in trays or in sachets.

 > See our packaging solutions

We also design automated and / or robotic solutions for your end-of-line operations:

 > See our end-of-line solutions



Line engineering


Our know-how in the design and manufacture of process equipment, packaging, packing and palletizing allows us to offer you advice and expertise for the realization of complete lines and specific equipment for the management of your production.


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