conception fabrication france
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Product input


  • Manipulation upon reception: box dumpers, Eurobox tippers, column elevators…
  • Transfert upon reception: transfer screws, screw in tube, reception conveyors


Product transformation


  • Processing equipement: grinders, mixers, cooking tunnels…
  • Transfer and flow management equipment: belt conveyors, modular conveyors, cyclers, pre-packing rate control

At the end of processing, our know-how in packing and thermosealing allows you to pack your products in bags, buckets or trays:

 > See our packaging solutions

We also design automated and/or robotic solutions for your end-of-line operations:

 > See our end-of-line solutions



Line engineering


Our know-how in the design and manufacturing of process equipment, packaging and end-of-line allows us to provide you with advice and expertise for the realization of complete production line for your products.


More information about engineering service?