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Meet Guelt at ALL4PACK

Published on 29 November 2018

Guelt and Méca-Système, together at All4Pack international packaging tradeshow

Guelt has been kindly invited by its partner Méca-Système to take part to All4Pack show in Paris.

Guelt and Méca-Système have been working together as partners for 3 years to provide their customers with complete and high-performance end-of-line solutions, such as the MSG DUAL, a combined case erector and packing machine.

Guelt alongside its customer Blanchet, winners of the 2019 Packaging Oscar

Blanchet has been awarded for its innovative packaging, the BBC Pack, a wooden tray without staples, waterproof and sealable with modified atmosphere.
This innovative and eco-designed packaging (PEFC certified wood and using recyclable materials) is the result of a 2-year work in collaboration with Guelt, Haliocéan and Foren.
Guelt has developed the skinpack system, making the film to adhere to the tray, ensuring a waterproof, oxygen barrier and sealable content.