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Appertized products


Transfer and deposit of products and empty containers


  • Solutions of depositing and carrying of containers (cans, jars, trays, pouches such as doypacks) and products to be processed: unstackers, depalettizers, column elevators…
  • Transfer upon reception: reception conveyors, transfer screws and pipes…



Filling and closing containers

To fill and close your cans, jars, trays or pouches, Guelt provides reliable solutions:

  • Dosing and filling solutions for liquid, doughy or solid and dry products: volumetric piston fillers, pouch fillers, vibrant weighers…
  • Closing solutions: seamers, tray sealers…



Handling of filled containers

Once the containers have been filled and closed, we take care of their handling with our washing, retort rack or retort crate loading/unloading equipment:

  • Washing: washing of round cans, shaped cans or jars. Conception consisting of 1, 2 or 3 cases
  • Retort crate loading / Retort crate unloading: to ensure the transfer of the crates containing cans or jars before and after their sterilization, Guelt has developed a range of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic retort crate loaders or unloaders.
  • Retort rack loading / retort rack unloading: to ensure gripping and loading of racks containing trays or pouches for thermic treatment by sterilization or pasteurization, we have designed manual, semi-automatic and robotized retort rack loaders and unloaders.



Case packing and palletization

To manage your end-of-line operations, we design case packing and palletizing solutions adapted to your production flow:

  • Case packing: cartesian or robotized case packers for packing your products in cardboard box (RSC case, shelf-ready case…)
  • Palletizing: accumulation of products and creation of layers (cans, jars or products packed in cases) before gripping and stacking them on pallets


Line engineering


Our know-how in the design and manufacture of process equipment for appertized products, packaging and end-of-line solutions enables us to provide you advice and expertise for the realization of complete production lines.


More information about engineering service?