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Canning – Appertized products

We design and manufacture specific equipment to the canning trade: from the standard manual machine or semi-automatic that can be integrated into an existing line at the design of complete production lines, entirely we bring a know-how of more than 4 years of experience in the field of automated decades to the creators of canned products.
Guelt-picto performant PERFORMANCE: Proven, robust and efficient industrial solutions for optimal productivity

Guelt-picto ergonomique ERGONOMICS: Equipment with simple control, designed for quick and easy format changeovers

Our Canning solutions contribute to :
> reduce disorders musculoskeletal thanks to an optimization of the handling process of heavy loads.
> gain in productivity through flow regulation
> increase line performance and quality of finished products



  • Line distribution solutions for containers (round boxes, boxes of form, jars): manual depalletizer, Automated Cartesian depalletizer or robotized depalletizer according to volumes of production. Management of dividers on the automatic versions.
  •  Container transfer solution: screws transfer, wire chutes, descender magnetic, turning machine cans or jars by conveyor belt at pinch, automatic feeding of funds…



  • Cartesian or robotized, our palletizers automatic palletizing system manages the palletizing full containers. Pick-up and drop-off by layer by magnetic plate or at depression depending on the option, management automatic spacers and flows of pallets.




For the filling and closing of your cans, jars or trays we offer you canned food, we offer you canned solutions for :

  • Dosing for your liquid products or viscous, with or without markings : volumetric piston dosing machines, pocket dosing machines, lobe dosing machines… Our volumetric dosing solutions are carried out by our partner Fillpack, an expert in dosing in the food industry for more than 30 years.
    En fonction de vos besoins, nous sommes également capable d’intégrer les appareils de pesage associatif.
  • Container closure: to seal your trays, we have a very wide range of machines for packaging adapted to each product typology and your capacity of production.




To fill and empty baskets or bins autoclave, cages and decanters manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems provide more support or less total to the operator in the accumulation and evacuation phases layers of containers before and after sterilization.

  •  Equipment adapted to glass jars and round or shaped tin cans or aluminum.




For the loading-unloading of the racks in an autoclave environment, we propose equipment for embedding and removal of earthworks Cartesian or robotic infeed and outfeed of sterilization.

  •  Equipment adapted to sealed trays or thermoformed, jars, flexible bags, doypacks




    • Washing: Washing of round, shaped cans or jars in one or two phases, design from 1 to 3 bins depending on the level of soiling. Possible integration upstream and/or downstream of the dosage.


    •  Autoclave shuttle: Automation and regulation of the flow of racks and baskets in autoclave input / output. Removal of the handling heavy loads.


  • Autoclave basket tilter: Enables
    to evacuate the water present on the products after
    their sterilization for faster drying.


For your end-of-line operations, we will design automated solutions for quality control, packing and palletization adapted to your production:

    • Quality control :
      High performance compliance inspection of the products: control, marking and identification, quality of can seams, sealing of trays and bags, etc….


    • Setting in volume of American cases or trays by Méca-Système :
      Forming of cardboard boxes and trays precise corrugation at high speed. Machines robust and productive, easy to use and piloting and maintenance.


    • Packing :
      Crating of your products with the IZIpick robotic picking solutions, the MSG modular solutions or the MSG Dual combined form-fill-seal module.


  • Palletizing :
    For palletizing your boxes of products (American cases, trays for sidewalks etc…), we propose a range of palletizers adapted to your environment, from the compact palletizer to the palletizing island multi-line.


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Notre savoir-faire en conception et fabrication d’équipements de process pour produits appertisés, de conditionnement et de fin de ligne nous permet de vous apporter conseil et expertise pour la réalisation de lignes de production complètes.
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