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Fish, Seafood


Product input


  • Tilting: box or Eurobox turner, column lifter, tilting device
  • Transfer upon reception: reception hopper, transfer screws, reception conveyors


Product Transformation


  • Trimming-fileting line: conveyors for the transfer of products associated with ergonomic workstations for the trimming or fileting of whole fish under optimal conditions
  • Fish caning line: ergonomic workstations integrating empty can conveyors for operator comfort
  • Automated feed transfer and management equipment: belt conveyors, modular conveyors, timers …
  • Process equipment: grinders, cooking tunnels, integration of associative weighers

Guelt Process - Complete fish filleting line

At the end of the process, the conditioning stage allows the preservation and transport of the products (shellfish and other seafood).
Our know-how in appertized products, thermoforming and tray sealing allows you to vacuum pack your products in boxes, in jars,in tubs or in punnets.

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Line engineering


Our know-how in the design and manufacture of process, packaging and end-of-line equipment allows us to offer you advice and expertise for the realization of complete lines in canning or in preparation and packaging of fish and seafood.


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