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IZISLEEVE – Cardboard Packaging Sleever

Key strength

IZISLEEVE automates the sleeving of products in pre-glued cardboard packaging sleeves.

Guelt-picto simple EASY
User-friendly design, easy to use and service equipment

Guelt-picto compact COMPACT
A range of machines based on a standard design with an excellent efficient/footprint ratio.

Guelt-picto flexible VERSATILE
Fast format changeover in 5 minutes maximum, no complex technical settings.

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Band, half-envelope, sock, sleeve…IZISLEEVE handles all types of 4 or 5 sides pre-glued cardboard packagings.
A very compact and versatile machine to automate the packaging of products such as trays, cups, jars, bags, pouches, cans…

-Cardboard packaging die-cuts identical to manual cardboard sleeves
-No glue generator, reduced maintenance costs
-Built-in automatic product feed
-Average speed: 40 products/minute

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