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IZIWRAP – Cardboard Packaging Wrap Around Packer

Key strength

The IZI Cardboard range is dedicated to the automation of solid cardboard product packaging.
IZIWRAP automates the bundle of products such as trays, cups, jars, cans… with a 4-sides cardboard band wrapped around.

Guelt-picto simple EASY
No complex technical settings, fast format changeover time.

Guelt-picto compact COMPACT
Standardized, compact and reliable machine offering an excellent efficience/footprint ratio.

Guelt-picto flexible VERSATILE
IZIWRAP is compatible with almost all of the full or partial 4-sides bands of the cardboard packaging market.

Guelt-picto ergonomique USER-FRIENDLY
Easy-to-use HMI and full machine access for easy daily operation and service.

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IZIWRAP is an automated packer for full or partial cardboard packaging wrapped around products.

-Multi-format machine dedicated to bundles of products (yoghurts, cups, glass jars…)
-Compatible with almost all the 4-sides flat cardboard bands of the carboard packaging market
-Fastening by interlocking or gluing
-Average speed: 40 products/minute

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