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MSG packing module

Key strength

MSG, technological modules for automation of end-of-line operations

  • Technological: performing robotics, integrated industrial vision, intuitive human/machine interface
  • Modular: technological modules that can be assembled together for the management of complex end-of-line operations
  • Ergonomic: full access to different functional components, easy format changeover

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The MSG range is a concept of technological cells that can be combined together to meet all your end-of-line management needs.

The MSG robotized casing module aims to load products automatically into a case in top load mode.
The product gripping is executed by a delta robot of 2, 4 or 6 axes, for simply on the fly catching or  multi-products catching.
An integrated vision module allows detection and scrapping of the non-compliant products before case packing operation.
A great care has been devoted to the design and the ergonomy of the MSG modules: a sturdy steel support frame , high-quality finishes, wide-opening transparent doors ease driving and maintenance of the machine.
The human/machine inferface, very intuitive on a wide touchscreen, centralizes contol of the MSG module and associated ones.

  • Market: agrifood, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, general industry
  • Pole: end-of-line, secondary packaging
  • Types of application: robotized top-load casing with possibility of adding upstream-downstream functions
  • Rate: 50 to 200 products/minute
  • Casing mode: flat or upright positioning
  • Ergonomy: total access to functional system of the machine, control on intuitive HMI
  • Format changeover: easy downgraded mode, even automatic
  • Vision: with or without, according to the application.  Inferior/superior integrated quality control
  • Casing: Top-load robotized system, performed by 2, 4 or 6-axis robot
  • Software: centralized control on  a dedicated computing platform. Performance assessment module and data feedback. Connection to external information system (PGI, SEM…)


  • Upright positioning module
  • Stacker lifter of containers (cases, box…)
  • Empty cases rail
  • Cartboard flaps sealer
  • Driven roller conveyor
  • Labelling (printing and deposit)